Members of the Department of Astronomy at UdeC


Full Professors:



Dr. Douglas Geisler
  • PhD University of Washington, USA
  • Composition, age and content of stellar populations
  • Globular clusters as probes of galaxy formation
  • Dr. Wolfgang Gieren (Director of Astronomy Department)
  • PhD Universidad de Bonn, Alemania
  • Extragalactic distance scale    
  • Extrasolar planets
  • Dr. Ronald Mennickent
  • PhD Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
  • Stellar variability   
  • Variable stars: cataclysmic variables, symbiotic stars, Be stars
  • Dr. Tom Richtler
  • PhD Universidad de Bonn, Alemania
  • Globular clusters   
  • Dynamics in the outer haloes of galaxies
  • Associate Professors:

    Dr. Neil Nagar
  • PhD University of Maryland,USA
  • Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
  • AGN-Starburst evolution & submm galaxies at z=0-6
  • Dr. Michael Fellhauer
  • PhD Universidad de Heidelberg, Alemania
  • Numerical simulations of dwarf galaxies and star clusters
  • Formation and evolution of the dSph galaxies of the Milky Way. And UCD galaxies. And the birth of star clusters.

  • Assistant Professors:

    Dr. Ricardo Demarco
  • PhD Universidad Denis Diderot, París, Francia
  • Galaxy Formation and Evolution, and Galaxy Clusters   
  • Large Scale Structures, and Observational Cosmology
  • Postdoctoral Researcher:

    Dr. Ricardo Bustos
  • Radio-Astronomy and Astronomical Instrumentation
  • Cosmology and Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
  • Dr. André-Nicolas Chené
  • Estrellas variables, estrellas Wolf-Rayet
  • Variables en el infrarrojo cercano (ESO-VVV Survey)
  • Dr. Dariusz Graczyk
  • Extragalactic distance scale
  • Binary and variable stars
  • Dr. Richard Lane
  • Dark matter content of early type galaxies
  • Evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Dr. Christian Moni-Bidin
  • Stellar spectroscopy applied to the study of stellar populations and globular clusters 
  • Dr. Julie Nantais
  • Globular cluster systems in spiral galaxies
  • Galaxy clusters
  • Dr. Bogumil Pilecki
  • Eclipsing binaries of variable stars
  • Extragalactic distance scale
  • Dr. Grzegorz Pietrzynski
  • Extragalactic distance scale
  • Star Clusters
  • Dr. Rory Smith
  • Clusters of galaxies, and Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Group
  • Formation of Star Clusters, and Galactic Evolution
  • Dr. Sandro Villanova
  • Star Clusters
  • Chemical evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Ph.D. students in 2010:

    PhD Program in Physical Sciences at FCFM

    Paulina Assmann
  • Dwarf spheroidal galaxy formation
  • Numerical simulations
  • Daniela Barría
  • Variable Stars
  • Binary systems, and Cataclysmic Variables
  • Roger Leiton
  • Interstellar medium, supernovae
  • Interferometric Mission NASA (SIM)
  • Protection of dark skies
  • Renee Mateluna
  • Clusters and chemical abundances of stars
  • Chemical evolution of galaxies
  • Francesco Mauro
  • Star clusters
  • Automatic reduction of large amount of data
  • Ricardo Salinas
  • Variable Stars
  • Dark matter halos in elliptical galaxies
  • Dynamics of globular clusters
  • Administrative and Support Staff:

    Ronald Burgos
  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Jeanette Espinoza
  • Librarian
  • Paulina Hernández
  • Journalist  
  • Víctor Mora
  • Auxiliary and assistant to the secretary
  • César Muñoz y Gustavo Aguayo
  • Head of Telescope Operations
  • Marcela Sanhueza
  • Secretary




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