The Astronomy Group based at the University of Concepción was founded in 1994, when Ronald Mennickent was hired by the Physics Department. Ronald had recently obtained his doctorate at the Pontifical Catholic University (PCU) in Santiago. With the hiring of Ronald, thus began the astronomical research in this institute - the third and most important Chilean university outside of Santiago.

Wolfgang Gieren (1996, Ph.D. Bonn University, Germany), Douglas Geisler (1999, Ph.D. of Washington University, USA) and Tom Richtler (2003; Ph.D. Bonn University, Germany), were contracted in the following years with permanent seats. At


the end of 2004 Neil Nagar joined the team (Ph.D. University of Maryland, USA), as an Assistant Professor Visitor.

In addition to lecturers, the group currently includes nine postdoctoral researchers and six doctoral students. The Department of Astronomy offers opportunities to broaden your horizons whether you are a new student or active researcher, offering a high standard of teaching, and access to the finest telescope sites available in the world.

We are proud of our group that was founded by one of the first Chilean astronomers to have obtained a Ph.D. in Astronomy in a Chilean institution (Dr. Ronald Mennickent).

Images of the creation of the Astronomy Department at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, UdeC (2008)


Departament of Astronomy - Universidad de Concepción - Casilla (P.O.box) 160 - C - Concepción - Chile