The Department of Astronomy at UdeC is a source of intense scientific research. Its teachers, postdoctoral researcher and PhD students are involved in a series of scientific projects, covering a wide variety of areas of modern Astrophysics.

The Department maintains a high scientific productivity and publishes about 50 articles of research each year in the most prestigious international journals of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Research lines developed by members of the Astronomy Department at the University of Concepción include:


- Formation and evolution of galaxies
- Study of local galaxies, and at high redshift
- Clusters of galaxies
- Active galaxies
- Dynamics of elliptical galaxies
- Extragalactic distance scale
- Stellar populations
- Star-clusters
- Stellar evolution
- Variable-stars (numerous types)
- Extra-solar planets
- Numerical simulations of the structure of dwarf galaxies in the Local Group
- And many others…

Department of Astronomy- Universidad de Concepción - Casilla (P.O. box) 160 - C - Concepción - Chile