Outreach at the Department of Astronomy UdeC
Education and Outreach

The Department of Astronomy at the University of Concepcion conducts numerous continuous educational initiatives and popularization of science. This includes offering a series of activities aimed at teachers and students from various educational establishments in the Region of Biobío. Among these activities, emphasis is placed on training workshops for teachers, Astronomy exhibitions, mounted next to our portable planetarium (that is available on request to educational establishments); and public visits to the Department Observatory, located on the Campus of the University of Concepción.

Many of these activities are also conducted in conjunction with those responsible for the observatory, Gustavo Aguayo and Cesar Munoz (advanced students on the degree scheme at Astronomy UdeC), and with the continued support of student volunteers from the Bachelor's Degree in Physics, Astronomy, and Educational Sciences.
The funding of these initiatives, come from the EXPLORA Program of CONICYT; of the ALMA Fund; the Center of Astrophysics, FONDAP; the Basal Financing Program: Center for Astrophysics and Related Technologies, CATA; and FONDECYT projects.
The pictures above relate to various educational outreach activities, in educational establishments in the Region.

Observation of the sky

The Department of Astronomy operates a Meade telescope with a 12 inches diameter mirror on the 6th floor of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences building.

The telescope has three major objectives:

1. To make guided observations, to the public community.
2. As a laboratory for the Astronomy courses, and…
3. For use in research projects by the researchers and students of the Department.

The telescope is mounted with a CCD camera (SBIG ST7-E) and a high-resolution spectrograph (LHIRES III).

Smaller telescopes can also be setup on the terrace surrounding the telescope, to observe the brighter celestial objects.


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