Our Resources

The Department of Astronomy at the Universidad de Concepción has the following resources for research, teaching, and public outreach activities:

1. Telescope Access:

Members of the Astronomy Department have access to the 10% of the guaranteed time for astronomers working in Chile, at each of the major observatories operating in the country. This includes: Five 8-m (VLT and Gemini), two 6.5-m (Magallanes), four 4-m class (ESO 3.6m, NTT, Blanco, SOAR) and several other smaller telescopes. For more details, look here.




2. Library:

The library of the Astronomy Department maintains subscriptions to major journals in astronomy and astrophysics on both printed and online versions. You can consult the collections since 1975, and even earlier in some cases. There is a variety of astronomy books and conference proceedings available. Details here.


3. UdeC telescope on campus:

On the terrace at the 6 th floor of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences building, we have a dome that houses a modern MEADE 12-inch telescope with a CCD camera. The telescope is used for public outreach, student internships and professional astronomy. For more information, see details here.


4. Radio Astronomy Laboratory:

Since January 2009, the Department of Astronomy at UdeC has a Radio Astronomy Laboratory (RL), whose mission is the development of instruments for observational radio astronomy, with the ability to generate interesting technological spin offs for other areas. T he RL is integrated by: Prof. Neil Nagar (PI), the postdoctoral researcher Dr. Ricardo Bustos, and students of Engineering in Telecommunications.


4. Computational Resources:

The Department of Astronomy operates a network of UNIX workstations together with Mac OS and OpenSolaris. Laser Printers-color, readers DAT and plotter size A0. Account with a network of Internet connection and also monitors of high-definition. We have equipment with data projectors, to complement exhibitions and classes.


Departament of Astronomy - Universidad de Concepción - Casilla (P.O.box) 160 - C - Concepción - Chile