Postal Address:
Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Esteban Iturra Avenue (unnumbered) Barrio Universitario, Universidad de Concepción
Casilla (p.o.box) 160-C
Concepción- CHILE
Phone: +56-41-2204240 / Fax: +56-41-2207432


How to get to our offices from downtown Concepción?
The Department of Astronomy is in the building of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the Universidad de Concepción. You can find a map of the city here.
The University is located about 20 minutes walk from the downtown (Independence Square) to the East. You may also take a taxi.


Getting from Santiago to Concepción:
Concepción has a good connection with Santiago by air (1 hour), bus (6 hours) and train (9 hours). Concepción Airport is located about 10 km from downtown and has frequent flights to and from the capital.
Many lines of buses from Santiago to Concepción leave the Santiago Bus Terminal in Alameda. In Concepción, there are two bus terminals: “Collao Terminal” and “Camilo Henríquez Terminal”.
Upon arrival in Concepción, you can reach the University by public transport (bus or taxi).

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Departament of Astronomy - Universidad de Concepción - Casilla (P.O.box) 160 - C - Concepción - Chile