Seminario: Andromeda chained to the Box: Dynamical Models for M31 – Bulge \& Bar

Speaker: Matias Blana


For the first time an extensive quantitative comparison of N-body bulge models with two components is performed for M31. We use Box/Peanut (B/P) bulge models combined with an initial classical bulge (ICB) to explore the nature of M31’s triaxial bulge comparing with the IRAC 3.6\mum data. We explore the parameter space with 84 N-body models that are built with a dark matter halo and a disk which secularly evolves forming a bar and later a B/P bulge. 72 of these models include an ICB component. At the end of the process we remain with one best model candidate that simultaneously matches properties of M31’s bulge, and requires an ICB component with a mass of 1/3 of the total stellar mass in the bulge, and a B/P bulge component with 2/3 of the bulge total stellar mass. Furthermore, we estimate the dark matter content in M31’s bulge varying this model with a Made-to-Measure method using new kinematic IFU observations.

Lugar: Auditorio Departamento de Astronomía UdeC

Hora: 14:00 hrs.