Seminario: Seminar: Dynamical Exploration in the Core of 47 Tucanae

Speaker: Javiera Parada


Using data from the core of 47 Tuc in the ultraviolet (UV), we have identified various stellar populations in the CMD, and used the effects of mass segregation on the radial distribution of these populations to find estimates for the masses of stars at different post-main-sequence evolutionary stages. We take samples of main-sequence (MS) stars at different magnitudes (i.e., different masses), and use the effects of this dynamical process to develop a relation between the radial distance (RD) at which the cumulative distribution reaches the 20th and 50th percentile and stellar mass. Using the same data set and mass estimation technique we also study the evolution and origin of Blue Straggler Stars (BSS) in the core of 47 Tuc. t.

Room: Auditorio Departamento de Astronomía UdeC

Time: 14:00 hrs.